The Ultimate Goal


Its designed, handpicked and handcrafted with lots of love! The first Zenboards series is out...Its small and we re proud of it!


"I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself." -Oprah

We very easily find excuses not to train but we all have a few minutes to spare so I will try to keep things simple. I will share with you all I can, training from beginners to pros so follow me and every now and then I will drop a line :)


A little about ZenBoards

Zenboards was born in a small basement (And kindof still lives there..) out of our passion for sports and the love of working with wood. So a few years back we started playing with wood and realized that HEY! its pretty damn awesome but what can we do with it? Well..Zenboards!

Why ZenBoards instead of any other balance board?

Easy...We create each balance board by hand..We design..we choose..we shape..we decorate..and we deliver..Each Zenboard is handcrafted to the highest quality possible and you can be sure that yours is UNIQUE! Plus our excellent customer service..If you ever face any issues we are and will be there for you :)

Skills that you'll gain

BALANCE100% :)





Why a balance board?
Because We believe in balance! Balance of body, of mind, of soul. A well balanced life can give you peace of mind and we believe that a balanced person has the power to achieve anything they can imagine. Everyone needs to start from somewhere, how we do it is by providing a kickstart through handmade balance boards that are carefully designed and developed using only the greatest quality of materials.


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