Books are good for you – 3 Reasons why!

Books are good for you – 3 Reasons why!

Reading is good for you! This is a quote I have heard over and over again through my childhood and adulthood years..What’s in reading that makes it so great for you? No one ever told me and I guess that is the reason I never really read books when I was younger.

Well..Now I do read books, and because books restore balance in my life, I wanted to find the benefits of books and share them in just another blog post and since the list can be long I’ll focus on the major ones..

Brain Exercising:

What needs to be done in order to stimulate and exercise your body’s muscles is easily understood. But what about the brain? It appears that reading a book is the exercise of both your brain and your mind. And based on this finding, the more you read the more intelligent you become! Exercising your body takes commitment and so does reading books..Read regularly and feel the magic! :)

Stress Relieving:

With countless studies showing how stress is linked with serious diseases why not employ one in your arsenal of stress relievers. According to a study made by volunteers at the University of Sussex in comparison with different means of relaxation (going for a walk, music etc.), reading was the best of all methods reducing stress by 68 percent!

Improves Creativity:

Yes in fact books do improve your creativity! By reading books you get to explore new worlds new ideas and visualize images you could have never been able to do so through a film. This virtual reality pushes your brain to think and become ready for these worlds and ideas. By principle it makes your imagination active and as a result you improve your creativity. Simple mathematics..

This is just a glimpse of how reading books can improve and contribute to a balanced lifestyle. As much as we take care of our body through balance in our diet and through exercising there is another part we need to look after and that’s no other than our brain! So read…it makes you both healthier and absolutely smarter!!

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