How three good things will make you happier!

How three good things will make you happier!

What goes through your head just before you go to bed at night? Is it all the positive things that happen in your life? Or just how to solve all your problems?

Everyone lives and dreams of having a balanced lifestyle and dreams are what keep us progressing. However sometimes we forget to be happy along the way and if we lose happiness then we lose life.

And so the other day I went through this article about how to dream great and what really took my attention was this little quote: “Find three good things each day”.

Three good things..No matter how bad and imbalanced your day was find three good things that went well. The problem with us heavy thinkers is the fact that we tend to focus all our energy on all the problems, big or small, that might trouble us, and we forget these little things that make life more colorful. That act of kindness, that smile from the man or that woman in the bus, the delicious meal you had for lunch.

Now the only issue I find with myself and I guess many of you can relate to that, is that I find it hard to take action in order to bring the so much desired balance in my life. But on this one I will and the reason is that I forgot how powerful it is to focus on the positive thoughts and have gratitude for the gift you got to be alive. Plus it is scientifically proven that if we feel gratitude then we become psychologically and socially better, negativity is kept to a minimum and our overall satisfaction in life becomes bigger causing as to have an overall positive outlook in life.

So this is how I will do it:

  • Just before going to bed I will think about these 3 little things that went well in my so called bad day.
  • I will write them down. Find yourself a cheap notepad or if you like to do this online I found this cool website happyrambles which is really cool for the purpose.
  • Why do I feel that way? This will go down in my journal trying to figure out why these little things make me happier.
  • Every week I will come back. I will read what I have written and see how my progress goes on from there.

Oh and check this video of Dr. Seligman commenting on the topic of these three things.

Feel free to share your thoughts and wish you all a balanced lifestyle!

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