Do you laugh enough? I give you 5 reasons and a video :)

Do you laugh enough? I give you 5 reasons and a video :)

So do you laugh enough? Do you spend most of your time worrying and thinking about how to solve all the problems in the world yet you forget to laugh? Truth is laughter is probably the most important ingredient of balance or if you prefer of a balanced lifestyle so if you are not using it enough here are some facts that may push you to do so..

1. Pain relief medicine

Have you ever heard of humor therapy? It actually is a real therapy and it basically acts as a diversionary tactic causing the patient not to think of the pain anymore. When you feel pain you fall of your balance and this is causing all the “bad” feelings to come out, in scientific terms the reason why laughing reduces pain and restoring balance is because it triggers the release of those feelin good endorphins which are as powerful as morphine in the same amount.

So next time you see someone in pain just say something like: Why don’t bunnies make noise when having sex? Because they have cotton balls :) It will put a smile on their face and the pain will be less!

2. Immune system booster

This is really true! Researchers have proven that after a heavy laughter the immune system is pumped up in various different ways like increased antibody-producing T cells (the ones that help you from not getting cold). And as much as it might sound extraordinary it helps fighting cancer! This happens due to the fact that natural killer cells appear to be increased after a good laugh thus delaying or even helping in the cure of certain types of cancer.

3. Breathing better, balancing better..

Laughter causes your lungs to be emptied more than usual breathing causing this way a lungs cleansing effect. This is something very similar to deep breathing exercises in meditation and yoga and its undoubtedly helpful for people suffering with breathing disorders.

4. Laughing makes you slim!

Okay. So laughing is indeed a mini aerobic workout. Why? It makes your heart beat faster causing it to send larger amounts of blood than usual to your body. On top of that the chest rise and fall happening during a heavy laugh means that your abs have to work harder and that’s a way to make them tighter. And don’t forget skin care, while laughing more than 15 facial muscles give your face a workout!

5. Let the blues go…

Laughter is the number on medicine against anxiety stress and any other form of known depression. Laughing reduces tension and stress and all the factors that contribute to your daily stress!
Laughter is balance and it will contribute to balance in life and the reasons behind are not just 5! Its highly contagious so just go out in comedy shows, read jokes, tell jokes, make people laugh, laugh yourselves make life better! If you are having trouble check the top ten comedy tv shows here.

And something to brighten your day below :)

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