The sharing economy. How to earn money by sharing…

The sharing economy. How to earn money by sharing…

A good friend of mine sent me this link yesterday about this NEW thing called “The sharing economy”. Well I liked the concept so much that I feel I should share it with you.

So what is the sharing economy? Everyone agrees that the economic crisis has not left anyone untouched. Even if you have not been financially disturbed the whole society you live has been! So people started adjusting their lifestyles and surprisingly going back to concepts such as the exchange of goods.

The sharing economy is a similar concept and it means sharing (renting) any of your possessions in exchange for money. Say you have a surfboard and you have not being using it much, there are websites that you can post your surfboard for rent for how much you would like and kaboom! Someone random agrees to rent it. You get some extra cash to get by and they rent an item for occasional use really cheap. And when I say you can rent anything..I mean anything from your Xbox controller to your house for a day!

Now I guess the question everyone could ask is how can I trust some random guy over the internet asking to rent something I own? Our society teaches that people are bad, they are corrupted, they will do harm, steal! Truth is that people are not bad! Millions of people use these websites everyday, they share their homes, their cars, their pets and the “bad” incidents are kept to only a fraction of all those rentals. Turns out people are good, kind and definitely trust worthy. Its a good world we live in so embrace it! And for those few that still find it difficult to trust, some of these websites offer insurance just to be on the safe side!

Well my balance board is up for grabs at 4 euro a day! :) Anything you would like to share? Maybe just your thoughts..

Oh and check this video below specific on the subject.

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