Why balance boards are good for you.

Why balance boards are good for you.

Ever wondered what balance boards do to you apart from being fun?
It’s hard to find a starting point when discussing what a balance board is and so Wikipedia helped a little bit with some basic facts.

So balance boards were initially developed to help skiers and surfers advance their skills off season or when they couldn’t practice their sports. However the balance board advanced in a tool not be used only by athletes but by the everyday person, the me and the you!

Balance boards are used to develop first of all and as the name suggests, your balance, helping in the equal distribution of weight and general muscle empowerment while preparing you to avoid injuries before and after you reach retirement. Especially in the elderly injuries are caused due to loss of balance and it is something that can be avoided if the balance skill is developed.

Apart from injury prevention balance boards also play a major role in injury recovery of the lower joints (knees and ankles). All physiotherapists use many different types of balance exercises for the recovery from such injuries.

Did you know? From a medical perspective balance boards help in the evolution of the neural system allowing the advanced communication between the left and the right brain hemispheres which means that dancers become feather-light, musicians get their postures right, writers get rid of the writers block and pretty much assists in removing any creativity block you might be facing.

The balance board is also used as an additional tool to yoga or as a form of yoga itself, cultivating self understanding and tranquility of your body and mind.

The beauty behind Zenboards balance boards is that it gives you the opportunity to practice no matter your age and physical condition and all these from the comfort of your own living room.

On top of that there is a huge variety of exercises with which you can work with. From simple balance routines to performance training designed for extreme athletes. With just a few minutes a day on a balance board you can truly benefit from all the above and the greatest of all is the fact that while all forms of exercising become boring over time, the Zenboard is absolutely fun. The more you do it the better you become. And the better you become the more you enjoy! It is simple mathematics :)

We believe in balance! Balance of body, of mind, of soul. A well balanced life in all aspects can give you peace of mind and we believe that the status of the person maintaining that peace of mind has the power to achieve anything they can imagine. Everyone needs to start from somewhere, how we do it is by providing a kick start through handmade balance boards that are carefully designed and developed using only the greatest quality of materials.

Because life is all about balance…

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