How Organic Surf makes the difference..!

How Organic Surf makes the difference..!

As a surfer have you ever wondered whether you can scale your environmental footprint? And if you could would you change the little things that make the difference?

Nearly every single activity we do has more or less impact on the environment. The more aware of us out there choose to do the little things that minimize the damage we do to our planet. We recycle, we use energy efficient devices and engage activities that “do no harm” and support a healthy ecosystem. But how harmful to the environment can Surfing be?

Two major aspects of Surfing have the most impact, the surfboard industry and the oh so regularly used surf wax. On one hand surfboards are created using highly toxic materials such as the core foams, polyurethane or polystyrene, as well as the resins both epoxy and polyester. Since surfing promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle, surfers and shapers around the world are looking for ways to change the way the traditional surfboards are made, but that’s quite arguable considering the safety and durability of the boards.. But if there was one tiny thing that you could do in order to minimize any possible harm you do with surfing, that would be to change your regular surf wax to a 100% natural organic surf wax.

The most common and 95% of surf waxes out there are made out of paraffin, a petroleum byproduct. And guess where all the wax from your board ends up apart from your board shorts and rash guards. Yep, to the ocean floor! And what happens in the ocean floor? It is absorbed by pretty much all the marine life , from the simplest plant, to coral, fish, sharks, dolphins, seahorses and such, that is if you care..

And so if there was a tiny little thing you could do is move to the organic surf wax area. Very recently some quite advanced formulas have been and are developed as we speak in order to eliminate the performance differences between ordinary surf wax and surf wax made out of natural and organic ingredients. The benefits are straightforward and proven, and its worth giving it a try. After all why not? It costs pretty much the same, it looks pretty much the same if not prettier, it smells pretty much the same if not tastier and the environmental impact of organic surf wax is minimal to none.

Go green!

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